Mada’s Best Friend

Two days ago, when Mada was washing his hands, he showed me how to do it. He told me that he need to scrubbed his hands carefully and said that Thomas is the one who taught him how to wash his hands.

Thomas is Mada’s best friend. They met 2 years ago at Munro, since then, they become best friend. One thing interesting about they relationship is, they make the parents become best friend as well, until today, even though we live far apart. and I found this is beautiful.

Last year we and Thomas’ family had a chance to meet when they had their holiday. Me and Mada were cried when we met Thomas. Happy tears of course. We’re having a great 3 days holiday and that was the last time we met.

In many situation, Mada keep talking about Thomas. About how Thomas taught mada how to kick a ball, how to ride a bike, how to do a super cool dance move.

Whenever mada asked me when he can play with Thomas, it breaks my heart. We don’t have any idea when we can meet again.

Back then in Brisbane, Thomas was such a great help for me. Normally Mada cried and whined when I left him at the daycare. But it turned super easy if Thomas said Hi, grabbed Mada’s hat and asked Mada to play with him. They played together and I can left the daycare with a smile on my face.

Until today, I feel grateful that we were met at that time. That we become really good friends until now. Who knows that we may get another opportunity to live in the same city again 🙂

Suddenly, I feel gloomy. I miss them so bad.. Hopefully we can meet again somehow, somewhere 🙂

Thank you Anna, Thomas, Michiel, Abel for the friendship,

we miss all of you:)




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  1. Wenny says:

    I’ve met Thomas in person, and yes indeed he’s a wonderful and awesome friend. love to show everything without meaning to show-up. but just to share. He’s even show me his kung-fu move (read: Dance move)
    and mada’s fave character is thomas as well. hehe

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